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How to talk to your children about why you carry tools for protection.

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Hey friends. Talking to kids is always a tricky and touchy subject. How do we explain the gross evil in this world to our children without creating fear in them? We are all aware of the inherent evil in man. The truth is that we are sinners from birth. We are selfish beings. Don’t agree? Think back to when your child was a newborn. If you didn’t have a completely self-absorbed child who did not consider any needs but their own, then you had an alien because I have yet to meet an unselfish child.

With that being said, this world is wrought by sin and there is no doubt that things are only getting worse by the day. As the world pushes harder against the truth of Jesus, it falls deeper into this sinful, decaying pit. Because of that, more than ever before, you may want to carry a firearm or less-than-lethal tool (pepper spray, taser, etc) to defend yourself and your loved ones.

Allow me to tell you what I have told others who have asked about how to have this tough conversation. As you read, you will notice that what I have to offer is based on my own knowledge, experience, and faith. You understand your children and their level of maturity better than anyone. Use what is helpful and don’t worry about the rest. I hope this helps you navigate in this world while teaching and developing your children.

As much as I wish I could tell you otherwise, human nature is innately sinful. Our world is fallen because of sin. Those who seek the truth about Jesus and try to honor Him fight these selfish urges. However, those who live for themselves, without a moral compass and obedience to God, will cause others harm for self-gratification, self-gain, or their own pleasure without concern for how it may affect the people they hurt.

You do not need to live in fear but can trust in God who loves you and is always in control. But moms and dads have a responsibility to protect their children. Because there are those who would choose to cause us harm, we have tools to help protect ourselves. Just like police officers carry a belt with special tools for protecting others, moms and dads carry tools for the same reason.

We pray we never have to use these tools, but we must be prepared for the evil that exists in the world. What questions do you have for me? Does what I said make sense?

This is meant to be a discussion between you and your child. Use words they can understand and examples to show them the meaning. This is serious business. Your child needs to know that they are your responsibility and it is your job to keep them safe. I know this is a lot to absorb and it will be for them too. It may take multiple conversations and most likely continued conversation. Just take it one step at a time.

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