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Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens grew up in Ireland where he served in the Tier One Counter-Terrorist Force. After immigrating to the United States, he served 24-years in the United States Army - 6 in the infantry and 18 in Special Forces. He served in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan multiple times, ran the Special Forces Sniper Course, and was in charge of all Force Modernization for Army Special Forces.

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Kirsten Morgan

Kirsten served more than 12 years in law enforcement with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) and was a member of the CMPD SWAT Team for 7 years. In addition, she also served as a member of the Crime Gun Suppression Team, a part-time instructor at the CMPD Academy, and a member of the Dignitary Protection Unit among other roles as a police officer. She began teaching Active Shooter Training to Charlotte residents after responding to the UNCC active shooter while on the CMPD SWAT Team. Her passion runs deep in preparing others for this unthinkable crime and continues to teach Active Shooter Training to the community.

Kirsten remains a certified North Carolina Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor and certified NC Concealed Carry Instructor. As a mother, Kirsten promotes situational awareness and preparedness to parents and women alike. Her mission is to pass on the knowledge she received through her years in policing to others who were not given the same opportunities

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Hathcock Award

Award Winning Team

NDIA presents the Hathcock award annually for outstanding contributions to the Military sniper community.

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